how much do you supose 1 600 watt hps light with a hortilex bulb will cost to run on 18-6 for a month? what i meen is what would my bill be if i just had 1 light as described on for a month?not counting more lights or fans ill estimate final cost after i get a fair estimate. i been lookin all over and cant find a answer,google been bringen me to dead links. i guess a quik estimate would help. ((i was thinking it would be around 26.00 and no more than that i hope.))


I can't speak for where you are or how much your electrickery costs, but over here in Ireland it would cost a¢â€š¬41.25 Euro excluding standing charges etc. at 18 hours a day for a 30 day month. That would convert to $53.05 :-o We pay way too much for electrickery over here.... grrrr

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i bet that is about the same as here,i think it is around 55.00 usd (i found that a 1000w is about $68.00 a month so that sounds right..............( the things you can live throgh)...... grrrrrr


you want to add in your three fans and air conditioning bill on top of that then your talking at least a hundered a month I run a 600 hps and a 400 mh the 600 is in 12/12 and the 400mh is on 24/7 and my electric bill went from 140 to 300 now it is expensive so be ready

im lookin at a big bill then prolly about 500 or more ........GRRRRRRR


amps X volts = watts
Watts X hours / 1000 = kilowatthours

your electric company will charge you by the kilowatthour.

So, lets just assume the lamp is very efficient. thats 600 watts.
lets say you run that 600 watts for 12 hours a day, over 30 days.

600 * 12 * 30 = 216000

129600000 / 1000 == 216 kilowatthours

now take 129600 and multiply it by how much your electric company charges you for Kwatthr.

hope that helps.
<EDIT> - Fixed my fucked math </EDIT>

thats not correct a killowat is 1000 watts... so it would really be:
.6 * 12 * 30 = 216 kilowat hours
Here where i live (top secret underground texas fortress of doom)
its like $0.10 per kwh... so id pay about $22 extra a month plus taxes and stuff for a 600watter...
Not to mention the extra A/C needed to keep the fortress cool in the summer with that 600w light blaring.

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skittles logic is right but the math is a little off... 600 x 12 x 30 is 216000 which divided by 1000 (To convert watts to kilowatts) is 216. most electric companies in the us now have tiered electric rates which mean you pay different amounts depending on your usage for example on the west coast its like this

0-100% of baseline = $0.08/Kwh
101-130% of baseline = $0.09532/Kwh
131-200% of baseline = $0.14291/Kwh
201%-300% of baseline = $0.2591/Kwh
Over 300% of baseline = $0.3581/Kwh

you can only know this by checking your actual electric company bill if you still have an old one or most have it on their web sites under a heading similiar to "current rates and schedules". most apartment baselines are in the 75-250Kwh/month range and house are typically 250-400Kwh/month, but this is all dependent on the total size of where you live. if you are already at the baseline you might experience a huge increase with how the charge up the ass if you go over. hope this helps

@ somehydroguy:
Damnit. I knew my numbers looked a little big, but i was watching madTV and talking on MSN at the same time. Mustve typed them in wrong, didnt think to recheck em. Anyway, glad you caught that :)

@ dubman, your way would work as well. mine shouldve came up with the same answer had i not screwed up the math halfway through :).


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