My leaves have been rather dry, So I sprayed them with a spray bottle. Is it safe to put the plant back under the light after spraying when the water droplets are still on the leaves? I always thought the water droplets would magnify the light possibly burning the leaves. Thanks.

that is true. Best bet would be to do it just before the lights go out.

PapaSmurf wrote:that is true. Best bet would be to do it just before the lights go out.

Yup. Or I've heard if you pick up a wetting agent, which reduces the surface resistance of the fluid, it'll form layer of water rather than droplets and you are good to go. Never tried it myself, I just spray as the lights go out. :)

i spray's a real fine mister so it doesnt prism.....i haven't seen any difference when i spray, i just do it cause it's fun, oh and it does cool a room for a bit

i add some penetrator from dutch master it also has someother agent in it to aid the uptake of nutes

id be careful spraying near lights out especially in early flower as it raises the humidity and increases chances of tropical mold nd bud rot..

take care

yes when plants outside have water droplets on the leaves and its the middle of the day with the sun blaring it can cause burning, i highly doubt even some of the stronger hps lights would be able to burn the plants like that.
i mist my babys everyday atleast 5 times and they love it. the pic is of a sweet purple about 22 days old under a 200w envirolite, and it gets misted alot.


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