i dought any of this whould work but im not sure.sombody said on a simular thred that when you use shit in your soil it dosent make your buds taste like shit does it????

you buds won't taste like shit... as a matter of fact, they won't taste like anything, because there will be no buds after the plant OD'd on nitrogen

I'm not talking about composted manure.. thats almost totally different

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Try using black strap molasses in every feeding ( watering) use 1 tsp per gallon. You can find it in the organic section.

Do not use white sugar, youll kill the plants. Go to the health food store and get sucanat, it sugar in its unprocessed natural state and is used by growers to sweeten the bud, you can also use it with carbo-load, Sweet, and florolicious, I have used it on all my grows. I am not using it this grow on my skunks only to see if I can taste the difference


im using it right now. dont know if its doing much but my buds are nice and sticky, and smell like candy. saw the link above on google. its a molasses company...look at #22, it made me giggle


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