TDS PPM questions

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TDS PPM questions
Hey, I heard that i should keep my ppm at 1400, I calibrate the tds meter and check ppm levels after i put my nutrients in and its over 2000 ppm, i use moster bud and b1 vitiman, anyways any light would be helpful.
TDS PPM questions
what do you mean by meter being rooted, also i thought that i should measure the ppm in my water before measuring my nutrients and that to the 1400 for my total amount, its wierd, i followed the recipe and measured and its way past 1400 lol, must be my water, i will check at next flush
TDS PPM questions
I recently watched a CD Rom from Esoteric Hydroponics that states,
" if there is a reading from the water before nutrients are added, then that same number should be subtracted at the final reading (after the nuites have been added).
The reading from the water is only salts that the plants can't use, and should be taken into account when using a meter"

Has anyone got a chart for PPM, at different stages of a plants life?
I am still trying to get more info on the subject.
TDS PPM questions
Indiana that is inlightening info
TDS PPM questions
Glad i read that
TDS PPM questions
Thanks Ferengi.

I am a newbe to Hydro and I am trying to get all my info before starting. My setup is waiting for clones to go into it.

Why would tapwater not give a reading on my Truncheon, but the same water gave a reading, after lying for 3 days? What would cause that?

Also, I have just realised, that I do not have any larger cubes of rockwool to transplant into. Can I put the small rockwool cubes straight into my system?
TDS PPM questions
I did not add anything to the water, although I did run the system through the pots containing the clay pebbles. They are not supposed to hold any nuites?

The truncheon is new and does not need calibration. It is done in the factory. I will buy some EC test fluids, just to be sure.

We do have chlorine in our water here.

Glad to hear that my cubes will do the job.