Happy Holidays everyone.
Well I am now approaching week 6, I have been in the flowering stage for 2 weeks, and i have pulled out the male plant, and now I am left with 3 female plants, one is white widow and the others I am unsure. The Problem is I let them grow to much in the vegitative stage (its my first grow :grin: ), so now I have to tie them down so they arent touching the light (the tops of some of the plants were burning up before). I am working with a grow box, 2*2*4, my plants are all over 35inches. My Question is will tying them down affect them at all? or am i able to trim the tops? or is there something else i should be doing? I dont have access to a digital camera or i would post a pic. Any and all input would be very helpful. Thank You all, and enjoy your holidays. 8)

from what ive learned from here, don't trim the tops, gently bend them over, without snapping their precious neck :B

I did end up tying them down. The problem is that they keep growing, and they keep finding away to get up to the light, and as a result they keep burning. I think unfortunately it might be time to start again, unless anyone knows anything different.

pull em down or to the side

No it's ok too tie them down when they are in flower.Had too do it to some northern light's a little while back.
Better too tie them down rather than top them.
All the best.

Thanks for the help guys, I'll let you know how it turns out.

Yep, this is the problem I had with my last sativa grow, I was tieing down branches right and left every 2 days for weeks, what a pain in the ass, I now have learned of a growth regulator called Paclobutrazol, this substance, when sprayed onto the leaves for a week or two, completely stops the stretch in its tracks, the chemical is in a few products;
Turf Enhancer
and a few other brand named products, if I only knew about this stuff before!!!!!
BTW Paclobutrazol is perfectly harmless.

What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream.

Thanks for the info THwizH2O.......
how's it effect the flowering?

Are you sure they stop growing after 2-3 weeks? b/c if thats true i dont think i really have to much of a problem here.....

Alright thanks guys. It finally seemed to stop growing and start budding. Question for you though......After 8 weeks of flowering how do I cure and harvest. I hear your suppost to hang them upside down or put them in a jar for like a week or something???? Any help on curing or harvesting would be appreciated......Thanks as always for the help. :grin:


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