Hey guys,
it was a buddies birthday yesterday so we pulled a very premature flower off and baked it in the toaster oven at 200 for roughly 20 mins. it barely even crisped but it was still smokeable and it was great!! a little harsher than normal but not that bad. im still not sure how much longer we have till harvest though seeing as how this is our first grow...ill post pics in a little bit

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Hey man, buddies birthday or not thats how the shit starts. First you pull off a bud and quick dry it. Somehow, you decide it was pretty good shit. Then another bud, then another and before you know it you go to the plant for another bud and find out they are all gone. Could have been some of the sweetest shit you had ever smoked but now youll never know see?

yeah i get your point but i like to think we have self control. there is probably, just guessing, around 3 onces on just that one plant and we pulled off maybe .3 or .4 of a gram so im not too worried about it, but thanks for the reply i guess

All I am Saying is Give PEACE a Chance...

Yeah some good advice Nimbus, thats how it starts with some people. I must agree, i was the same once. (well fuck, we agree finally on something. lol).

Self control is the hardest thing to accomplish, but after the tree is hanging and you havent touched it, you know then you have it down pat. Good to see you got a good buzz anyway Neubie, you now can wait for the final harvest and be sure your shit is going to rock you. Good luck with it and CHEERS.



thanks alot thurs, yeah the next time we smoke that it will be dryed and cured properly, thanks guys

All I am Saying is Give PEACE a Chance...

Actually Thursday, thats twice this week, are we on a roll or what (grin) Been there myself. INfact, I smoked up my entire first two grows long before they were ready. Of course, at the time I had no idea about what ready is so I just flat did not know. What I did find out is that I must need to find somewhere to figure out how to grow this stuff because whoever sold me those seeds must have been full of shit because I never got a buzz from their pot. I did not know at the time I didnt get a buzz because what I smoked was just a few hairs. I had always heard about the hairs so I thought when they showed it was ready. But here it is years later and I have learned a little more about it since then. I did pull another one early here a while back but for different reasons. But the pot was fine, I just pulled it a TAD early. Some of the crystals were still white to off white.

Sounds like its gonna be some killer stuff...are you growing in soil or hydro???8)

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thanks for the advice thc, that sounds like a really good idea. i know there are different ways of telling when the buds are ready but that makes the most sense. i mean even if we take it early but like that high better, then whats the matter. and its a hydro setup, just a bubble bucket with a 400 watt hps on it. i think there is about a week and a half left, maybe a little more, ill keep you all posted.

All I am Saying is Give PEACE a Chance...

here are the pics guys, sorry about the delay. this is one of the flowers from the bottom and is very premature but it still did the trick, that is for sure

1-31-06 (48).jpg
1-31-06 (44).jpg
All I am Saying is Give PEACE a Chance...


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