Hi all, I have been looking at this site for a while now and it has a huge amount of great info so I thought it was about time I signed up. I cant believe I didnt find this site earlier :shock: .

Anyway my question is what nutrients should the girls be given from the 6 week mark and onwards. They have been turned and have started to bud. They have 4 x 600 watt lights and are grown in coco core. One plant is about 2.2m tall (including pot) and almost touching the ceiling and the other 2 are quiet wide and almost as tall.

We have been using Budmiester but is there anything better that we could use to help the plant fill out and possibly speed up the budding proccess?

If anyone can help give us some info or link us to some similar usefull threads it would be much appriciated.

Thanks in advance :reefer

I should mention that we currently use Budmeister. Is this stuff any good or is there something better out there?

Heres a link to show you the Budmeister that is used: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/BUDMEISTER-1-LIT ... m153.l1262

Nothing can really speed up the process- all you can do is try boosters like pk13/14 or any bloom enhancers and products like final flush etc to give ur plant a push over the finishing line but they have to be used sparingly and as i said they wont speed anything up but might give u a better end product.

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Speed up was probably a bad choice of words, I just want to help the buds to fill out better and become thicker. Is Budmiester a good product to use? Should I continue using that or should I change it to something else?

You can speed it up by making the hours of light shorter but you will lose yield weight. you can add to your bud size by using mollases which is a carb builder or a product called pk13/14 it is normally used just when you see the buds starting to spiral up the plant to form colas.These types of supplements must be used sparingly and for a short period of time as they can damage your plants.Mollases is organic and can be used throughout your grow i only use it during flower i add 2 tablespoons a gallon and every other feeding.If your plants are already out growing your room you are gonna run into trouble you may have to tie some of the branches down this will also improve your harvest as you will get more light to the lower branches.What size were your plants when you put them into flower as i suspect that with 4 600 watters you may be having heat issues high temps causes stretching and spindly plants.

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The plants are tied down and the room temp is about 28-30 degrees celcius when lights are on. They are not getting burnt from the lights and I keep a close eye on that and keep tying them down as necessary. Is 4 600 watters too much or is more lights better?



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