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I am growing indoor 1 plant with a 500watt clf bulb in the last week or two my leaves are getting small white dots I thought they were crystals at first but not now I am kind of worried anyone ever saw this before.

check your plants for signs of mites !

the little black bugs?
I believe they are called spider mite destoryers. maybe?
I have had them(the little black bugs) for about three weeks
I go through ever leaf an kill them by just barly rubing them agianst the leaf and they splater.
will they hurt my plant in any way? and is their a simple spray or something to get rid of them with out hurting the plant itself.

You should try Pedator mites or neem oil my friend.

yes indeed as jones says - you should look in the tuts for some organic sprays using garlic etc as well as using neem as a preventative.
you need to get them under control asap and clean the grow area - they will destroy your plants. trust me two grows ago i had webs all around my buds and all i got was dirt weed :(

Dude take these mites seriusly they ruined my whole crop right before harvest they multiply very fast and destroy your crop . take preventive measures quik.

i Have heard neem oil does not work but I will reasearch some bug killers thanks for the advise

Dude-- you heard wrong..

You MUSt spray with 3-in-1 that contains neem & pyrethins ASAP--- if you are allready to the point of the spots--- they are suching the leaves, and will KILL the plant--

rubbing em off is redundant- cuz you are adding to the damage by adding oils & salts from your skin to allready damaged leaves...
No need for revenge, just sit back and wait.
Those who have hurt you will screw eventually themselves; and if you are lucky, God will let you watch!

Through What we create- we are immortal.

that 3-1 stuff in pretty good. Got rid of my mites in 3 days. Of course I wiped down the walls and floor with hot soapy bleach too.
Nice and BRIGHT in there too now, cleanup in the crawlspace sux but it had to be done

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