What is the best way to plant if the soil is clayish? I have my items ready for deployment but after tracking through the woods I found a great spot full of briar's and really large thorns to keep anyone away...but the soil is really clayish almost like modeling clay...should I go somewhere else or can I make it happen with a few tricks of the trade? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....White Widow and Thai....if that matters.

there are a couple of different ways of dealing with clay soils
*dig a hole approximately 1m x 1m x 1m Discarded the soil and fill the hole with a mix of top soil, sand ,mushroom compost and potting mix.
*build a raised bed !
*dig a hole approximate 1m x 1m x 1m ,replace half the soil ,mix with top soil , sand and organic matter .treated several times with a liquid wetting agent .
*grow in large camo pots!

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Thanks, I have some large buckets I can get my hands on. Funny how the best resolution is usually the most obvious! Thanks again!

do you know what kind of clay it is... cause you might even want to mix like 10% in cause clay has a lot of nutes in it

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I am not sure. Its just a light grey and seems to be like 8-10" deep.....you can mold it with a lil pressure. It is south Louisiana clay if that helps any....not saying thats where its at (you understand)! Thanks!

well i dont think the type of clay matters as much as how much you use... i remember my ex would use 10% clay and 90% soil... she didnt grow mj just flowers and fruit and such

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to much and the roots wont be able to grow and to little it wont really make a differnace

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Thanks for the info. I will give it a go and post a update when I see one way or the other....I am going to also put some int a discreet pot to make sure I get something for my efforts.Who knows it may be the clay of the gods!

Clay soil is usually really high in nutrients, its just that the nutrients can't be used. THe best way to improve clay soil is to get yourself a few bags of gypsum (or if you know where a house is being built you can use the gyprock off cuts, but gypsum is so cheap its worth buying it in bags.) Dig the gypsum into the soil, this is usually pretty hard as clay soil is very hard to turn over, then scatter it over the top of the grow site and water it in. Because this takes a while to work you should make a raised bed. Because you have to lug all your materials into the bush the lightest way to build a bed is as follows.
Get some hay bales, cheap straw is good and very light. Put 2 hail bales next to each other 60cm apart. Then get another 2 hay bales and put these at the ends. Get some bailing twine and tie this around the outside of the bales so that when you put dirt in the middle the bales don't move. Put a 10cm layer of sand/gravel at the bottom of your new bed and then fill the rest with nice friable soil. Make sure you put the new bed on top of the area where the clay soil has been treated with gypsum so that by the time the roots have reached down there the soil will be improved and will relaease all those locked up nutes. Also if the treated soil is kept moist it means that next year you won't even need to build a raised bed, you'll be able to grow straight in the ground.
If you are in a dry area line the inside of the hay bales with newspaper to prevent water loss to evaporation.
Hay bales are such versatile things. I had a mate who got some of those hay bales that come wrapped in plastic. He cut a round hole in the top of each bale and rigged up a run to waste hydroponic system outside. In the end it was really hard to keep up the water but he pulled it off and the buds were amazing! The potency of hydro with the yield of bush!


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