hey guys. i jus chopped the main bud to my plant and i noticed that when the bud is spread apart a little, there is a cotton like coating over the inside of the buds. if u peel it out of there it closely resembles lint or cotton. i dont know if this is jus part of the bud or if it is a mold or fungus of some sort. i have pics but im late for work and will post them tonight. does anyone know if this is a problem and if it is whats wrong? the plant looks very healthy but i dont know bout this stuff. please try to diagnosis it if u can and if u cant then i will post the pic of it 2nite to give u a better idea.

Well without pics I'd say a S[ider has weaved it's web up in your budz.

Sounds like spider or spider mite?

I've had those on my outdoors plants too. If it's really dense like cotton, it's probably a silkworm.

If it were spider mites, I doubt your plant would have made it that far.

hey guys thanks. u know whats weird, when i was looking at the bud, a damn spider was right around it and it still had its web attached until i cut it in half. he was like hanging off my pool table from his web and i thought "where did he come from". he wasnt actually attached to the bud but he was close. at the time i didnt think ne thing of it u know lol. but now, i think that might have been it. i didnt know spiders made webs in buds lol. also, i checked the rest of the lower buds and they didnt have it in them, so i think that lil spider made a home in my bud b/c i would think the whole plant would be infected if it was some other problem. it looks exactly like a spider web but i didnt think it was that until i put all the pieces together (spider on table, no other buds having it, etc). Also, if it was spider mights or something more serious, my plant wouldnt have made it this far im guessing, right? they would have ate it up. so if it is a spider web, is there anything to worry bout? should i try to pull it out or just let it dry as is...? could she have laid eggs or something in my plant lol. I CANT BELEIVE THIS LIL DEVIL lol. i might still post the pic but i think, and hope, that its a spider. thanks for ur help guys

If its a spider (which I think it is) and ya don't kill the little creature, he or she will be back. I my experience and location, we have these little black spiders and thier FN fast, I think they see ya with them little eyes because if ya see one on ur plant and ya bring ur finger into it , the little baster will try to run and hop around the plant and hide to stay by its new home. I would keep my eyes open incase of a return.

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yea i know. this bud was already chopped and he came out of it lol. but i feel ya about the remaining plants he has to have buddys. i looked and not of yet have i seen ne on them. keep checkin tho

no big deal just a spider actually protecting from other pest i just let them do there thing not a problembesides already harvesting

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