Im in the midst of choosing the final resting place for my plants. They'll be in a bush sort of area. What I need to know is what effect will in-direct sunlight have on the veg and flowering stages. Im not talking about shade all day, but 7 hours of direct sun followed by shade the rest. What would happen if i planted in a mostly indirect sunlight spot? Lower yeild? Of course I'd be doing this for security reasons. But if the risk - reward ratio is high then direct sunlight it wil be!

More sun= more bud....... Good luck & welcome to the planet !

Amen BF- Definitely for inground plants- BRING ON THE SUN!!!

ps--- Sometimes for a outdoor container grow a little shade can help cool down the pots so the roots dont cook - but in ground - not a prob!!!

Life is a garden..... SMOKE IT

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I had sort of the same question bg,
Mine see direct sun from morning till 5 or 6. But I was told they would still do fine, and Im using a tent!

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what about a forest cleared a bit, there are large holes in the canopy to provide plants with some sun...ill have to take some pictures but its probably 6-10 hours a day...of direct

they should do good, you dont want them in plain sight


As stated already.....the more sun the better, but I have grown some good crops with some shaded areas,but not as good if they were full sun.

Good Luck

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I think the question was already answered. though if it's grown amongst too many trees, that shade the plant, it will stretch, I've been there before unfortunately. Good Luck!

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when ever u have short periods of sunlight in the mornings u will get a bushyer plant and it will begin flowiring earlyer and more thc!
when u have all day sunlight u will get a much bigger yeild but less potent and it will take longer until harvest!


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