So i work on these pastures and im normally a kind bud smoker who can easily tell the difference between ditch weed and true high grade weed, but the buds on these 'ditch' plants along the fence caught my eye. i noticed at the very tip of the plant there were two or three small reddish hairs and in the sunlight i could see a good deal of crystals on the buds and leaves. Also the plant smelled skunky and was sticky to the touch. The buds were made mostly of pods with little seeds in them, im guessing which are what sprout the white hairs that eventually turn brown-i dont know much about cultivation. Anyone know whats going on? If for some reason it is good weed can i pick it before the first hard frost (which is coming soon), and grow it inside or something?

where did you find it, is it ditch weed? if it a natural weed then it will finish before the frost otherwise it would not exist on its own

u said it has seeds plant a few


can u get any pictures


yea plant a few seeds but someone will get fuckin mad at u if u take it.

lets talk about death baby

yeah dude dont take it, it may be someones years work for thier winter meds.
Immagine your heart break after growing your supply all season only for some parasite of a human being to enjoy the fruits of someone elses labor, kind of reminds me of the cu-cu bird syndrome

dude my buddy has a farm in missouri and his aunt started growing sativas in the arly 70s and now they are just wild n crazy. there are plants eveywhere, thousands and thousands of plants, males n females some are 10 ft tall. I was wonderin if itd be worth makin hash out of, damn we could me an assload of hash

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