Moved my tray from indoors to outside then checked my plants that I started outside, it rained everyday for a week so I didnt feel like goin out there to get pics but I went out there today and got some


the ones I started outside


They do look stretched but did you prepare the soil and everything? I just put a mistake of a plant outside and the soil was really tough. I just really loosened it with a stick and planted it, put some worms in the soil.

Chicken Wire

1st off I'd splint them with soda strws (cut a piect the same size as the plant- split it up the side and carefully fit the stem inside & push a bit down into the soil to hold up the plant)

then mulch around em to retain moisture and keep down weeds & grass... gravel is good, it doesn't change the ph or let weed seeds grow in it...

i used a hand tool with the spiked disks to loosen the soil then i mixed some potting soil into the dirt

Good idea, but LZ wouldn't the soda straw stunt the hardening on the stem? If its outside shouldnt you let it reap the benfits of free air flow 24-7?

You said it had been raining for a week eh? Not to ask you to reveal where you are but are in the upper midwest US? Because Ive gotten rain every day for a week too...

actually no-- the stems actually thicken faster! Don't know why-- but we've used it many times & the stems thicken up and "pop" the straw right off!

im in the northeast


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