i'm planning on starting my seeds inside for the first couple of weeks, then moving them outside. when i do so, should i transfer them into the ground or keep them in a flower pot sitting outside?

thanks smokey. i like your contribution to S.R.V. rock on

ground for me

Personal choice. It's easier tp move them in pots but they've got limited room and dry out quicker

put them in the ground ,they will get a lot bigger and you also have the advantige of being able to use the same plot again next year.

stay off my lawn

If you use pot......bigger the pot.......bigger the plant. Ground is an unlimited size pot. Pot can be moved if need be if moving it is a concern.

Its a personal choice. My first grow was in a pot and I did one plant and got 22 oz's from that one plant. If it was in the ground Im sure I would have gotten over 2 lb's.

damn icky. that grow was fucking incredible. where do u get thos fox farm ferts? and what are some good ones to get? what kind of soil did you use?

Go to any hydro strore. They carry all that. I used Fox Farm soil....Ocean Forrest.


There is so much info on this site that its ridiculous!! You could grow some High Times lookin weed from just reading other peoples post. Also take the time to read other peeps grows. It seem like a lot to read....but you can see what they ran into and how it was fixed and you will learn a ton.

Good Luck!!


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