5 Gallon Bucket Grow

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5 Gallon Bucket Grow
I was gona put sum of my clones in 5 gal buckets.. what all shuld i put in the besides drilling holes in tha bottom and potting soil.. and how often shuld iwater? .. thx
5 Gallon Bucket Grow
i think you should read some tutorials before you do anything else.
5 Gallon Bucket Grow
ive never done a bucket grow .. i put a mother last year with 8 clones n got successful harvest am jus tryen to try sumthin new
5 Gallon Bucket Grow
try a wick system hydro setup (info in tutorials) you will get monsters
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5 Gallon Bucket Grow
yes but what shuld i put in em
5 Gallon Bucket Grow
Look hun... like Draig said-- go read the "stickies" on growing & Index in the tutorial section! If you haven't read anything, then you shouldn't be at this stage of the grow yet!
There is a "start to finish" tutorial, and LOTS of them on water, soil, nutes etc..
Everyone grows a bit different, there is no "right " way--
but justt he fact that ya don't know not to use plain potting soil, or when to water, tells me you REALLY do need to read a bit before you go on w/ yer grow-- cuz here-- tho we ALL try to help-- we getthis question (or similar--'tell me how to grow this") every day at least once! SO all these "most often asked questions" were put in one place-- the tutorials!

IF you can't find ALL your answers to ALL your questions there-- come on back to this thread, and ask away!!! ;)
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5 Gallon Bucket Grow
a soil mix of 1/3 plain unfertlized poting mix 1/3 mushroom compost 1/3 washed river gravel .paint the pot in camo colours and mulch the exposed soil .
Picture 028.jpg
Picture 016.jpg
same plant ,just older
Picture 031.jpg
i did not fert this plant at all
5 Gallon Bucket Grow
a outdoor grower that i know told me that he uses fish heads and eggshels for soil and he has some of the best norther light i ever smoked in my life.....truley is som bomb cronic !!