Should I used FoxFarm Cha Ching the last 2 weeks of flowering? Has anyone ever used it?

Time spent wasted is not wasted time

Oh yeah Cha-Ching is nice shit, a ton of people use it here.

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Open, Beastie and Cha-Ching. Good stuff.

This is when I use it.
Open-weeks 1-3
Cha-Ching-weeks 6-9

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Smokestack.. Thanks for the tip...I'm going try that mix. I used Tiger Bloom because they didn't have Beastie separately, they had it in the 3 pack tho.. I think I'm going back to the store to get it... The Tiger bloom made the plant take off with buds, that stuff is great too!!!!

Time spent wasted is not wasted time

try use all there products and follow the nute chart that makes them rocket lol

where did u buy ur nutes?

can u get it at ne wholesale store?

dyz clown says turn that frown upside down )8 = (8

WOW!!!! What change in 1 week of using Tiger Bloom... You can see the difference in the pics..

463!!! I'm going to take your advise with the feeding schedule with the Nutes....

If anyone has tips to get bigger buds I'm open to suggestions...

The Triplets
Week 2.jpg
Week 2 Wow!!!
Week 1.jpg
Week 1 of flowering
Time spent wasted is not wasted time

Here are some more pics. I'm in awe at the way the nutes made the plant take off!!!

Again, Thanks everyone for your advise... Keep it coming... :D

Time spent wasted is not wasted time

You're off to a great start, but they are looking more like a sativa/indica mix. From my experience, sativas had more of a fluffy bud form as opposed to a dense indica, but it really does come down to strain, not just food. IMHO

You may want to add steaks to hold your plants up, due to the fact they're a lil stringy and will become top heavy. Not meaning to hijack your thread, but what do you all think of my garden? Its my first outdoor (plenty of experience indoors) and i planted the last week of june.

Taken on 8/20 4 plants total


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