BTW, until this year I've always used fox farm products with great results. This year i switched to Bicannicare due to a friend's advice.

The best thing about organic nutes, is its natural, and requires a lot less flushing towards harvest.

Yeah they're Sativa. I can't believe how much they taken off though. So here's the plan: (To be ajusted @ anytime)

1. Get some tall stakes
2. 2 more weeks of Tiger Bloomz
3. Use Beastie Bloomz for 3 weeks
4. Use Cha - Ching the last 3 weeks

Your grow looks Awesome!!! I wish you lots of luck. Unfortunately I can't have a garden of that size, would love too, but can't. Keep me posted on your grow. I'll be posting pics every week to show the progress.... :D

Time spent wasted is not wasted time

Well we're 3 weeks into flowering and these babies are screaming. I noticed that there are some pin holes on the top leaves, Could it be caused from the nute? I did go out and get the stake, I just need to put it in the ground.

Again, Thanks everybody for your advice. I'm always open to more tips if you have them.... :D

Week 3.jpg
Time spent wasted is not wasted time

Veggie... Thanks for the advice I topped off the soil.

Here's a question: Should I trim any of the large Fan leaves to let the plant focus it energy on the buds? The plants look a little choked and some of the fan leaves are covering the buds.. Advice anyone? :D

Time spent wasted is not wasted time

Plants look great! IMO don't trim the fans, they are solar panels for the rest of the plant. I only pluck mine when they are yellowing and the chlorophyl is gone out of them. On some of my tied down plants I will just gently bend the fans out of the way of some of the smaller buds and that helps, I have also heard of people tying them back or pinning them. Those fans are a big part of the photosynthesis, giving your girls the energy they need to feed those buds. Peace,D.F.

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Ok... Bad news!!!! Something went terribly wrong. The triplets are dying and dying fast. I don't know what to do. I added some Organic soil to the plants and when I watered them the soil became like mud. I left it like that over night (Sunday into Monday), I removed the organic soil and replaced it with new soil which looks 100X's better. Do you think that the plants were starved of oxygen? Here are some pics... Hopefully I can get a diagnosis...

Please advise!!! They were doing so well. I hope that they can make a recovery.... :big15

Time spent wasted is not wasted time

oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck? i have no idea there man..... maybe someone else can help

give them a drink. I think you have watered the new top soil and not the bottom then changed the soil. They look thirsty

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I have been watering these things 3 times a day nice they started to turn for the worse... MHO I think the roots got burned. all of the leaves were brown and dried up. They were never deprived of water or nutes. They were doing fantastic up until topped the pots off. They had about 4 more weeks to go...

I pulled them because I was pissed and didn't want to look at dead plants out my window anymore.... Since winter is coming, the next move is indoors.. I'll try that.

Time spent wasted is not wasted time

Yeah, watering them 3 times a day is what done it. You drowned them.. Ya can't water soil plants 3 times a day in all that soil. It will do exactly as you said: turn to mud.... :roll:

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