i bought indoor indica strain- californian orange bud, but no wi cant do indoors, so i hav to go outdoors- will this strain be alrite outdoors??

ah no wc'mon- 8 veiws an nobody replied- c'mon! help me out

i dont know about the strain.. but many indoor plants do well outdoors if they get the preventive and proper care.

i wouldnt worry about it i've growen indoor strains outside before had no problem at all i mean its not like marijuana has been growing inside forever

Your plants will do fine outdoors as long as you plant them or move them outdoors for your growing season thier. Your plants can't take the cold weather.
When is your outdoor growing season?

in about 2 weeks its spring here in aus


If anything, I'll just jump the gun, like John Wilkes Booth when its time to run, hop on the horse, common now, ride along.

Well jumper it sounds like it is time to get your seeds germinated and ready to go. If your ground temp. is above 52deg. F. you should be able to get them in right out.

what do u think is betta 4 outdoors- in pots or in ground?? and will indoors be more likely to get sik

In the ground with a good potted soil mix to get them going is the very best for an outdoor plant. I put mine in 5gal. pales so I could move them around and keep them in the most sunlight untill they got to big then I dug a hole and put the bucket in the ground cuz they get real top heavy and blow over easy. these buckets are actualy a little small, should ne at least a 7gal.
by having them in pails you can easly move them for security reasons also.


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