tokers 2013 outdoor grow

Outdoor marijuana growing. How to grow weed in the great outdoors man.
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
another updatethe el nino and the aurora have been transplanted ad pt into the ground. everything looks to be growing pretty good. seems the tahoe og doesnt want to sidebranch to heavily. but then again next week it might be a bush. im keeping everything with a natural grow basically, expect for the aurora which im training to be a bush.
everything else no topping tying or anything other than clipping a few lower branches for cloning. should be christmas trees.
tahoe throttle.jpg
el nino.jpg
super grape 48.jpg
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
my phone will recycle tommorow so i can thro on some more pics. damn these bitches are getting big. i measured the super grape the other day. 18 in tall and 21 inches wide. the mazar is catching up.
got 2 rwandas starting gonna have their own thread.
also cheezy smurf pushed up and thru
then i also started a diamond girl, and exodus cheese, and a pot of gold. so far the first 2 broke thru. waiting for the pot of gold to make an appearance. the last of those seeds these 3
curious to see what i get harvested this year. damn i need clones and more seeds started but no damned room.
so much to do so many restrictions. i need my med card and care givers license so i can increase what im doing
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
Bugs are everywhere around here so I've been letting the spider stay on the girls as long as they don't web it up. Also are ants bad for mj? Saw some trying to herd their way to the roots once at the stalk, so I fed the girls since it was feed time and watered em heavy and mostly they stayed awsay. Now another girl I see some tiny ants hanging out on the leaves and walking around. Coud the be after mj pests or are they pest. Anyone got info on ant types and their uses/effects/problems for mj. I know there are some out there that would destroy them also some that benifit
2013-07-13 19.53.44.jpg
Only leaf like this one the entire plant
2013-07-13 19.53.48.jpg
Super grape48
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
Couple pics of the mazar. Not sure why the last pics turned sideways but hopefully it didn't this time
2013-07-13 12.29.42.jpg
Also the mazar I think it might have been taken the day prior
2013-07-13 19.54.04.jpg
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
Everything is growing great now. The el nino is staying lighter in color and doesn't seem to want to darken anymore.
Is it possible to get new growth where pre flower usually form. Looks like new growth coming from a couple of these areas. Males usually ball up and make more balls. Kinda strange really. Guess ill know in a few days or so I hope. Being outdoors I've noticed a couple small differences compared to indoors and mostly its just growth
2013-07-13 19.53.54.jpg
Tahoe throttle
2013-07-13 19.54.11.jpg
2013-07-13 19.54.14.jpg
El nino
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
Also in another couple of weeks ill be adding another plant to this grow
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
them ants could be there water supply and cause damage plants.. your girls look great..
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
Ya I know and it scares me lol. I have heard of some ants tho that are benificial to the roots cause the dig around them adding more oxygen.
It makes it difficult to judge cause I have another set that I have found crawling around on another plant, but on the leaves not going down in the dirt by the stalk like the first.
Hoping one sets eating other little bugs and the other airating the roots. Otherwise my plants will be destroyed.
Still tho as they are they are booming. Sidebraches have their own side branches. Buds are gonna be everywhere as long as I can keep the good bugs there and the bad being eaten.
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
I've had ants before but didn't seem to effect my plants. Mine are in pots so I just move them and then a quick flush with water- no more ants.

Plants are looking great!
tokers 2013 outdoor grow
Thanks guys. Seems they have moved into my orange sweet mint at the front of my garden. Seems to be a nest now. Noticed some leaves having holes in them, but I don't think it was them. They seem more into carrying perlite from a small pile of spilled soil on the side of the garden. Seems they want to garden to lol. Might as well let em keep the mint and see what harm or good they do. If I notice it getting worse ill take em out, otherwise they can stay and have fun. The mint has really blown up over the last week since I. Cut it down a bit