hey guys
heres a few of my babies for 2011


damn you have some beautiful girls n your area looks just like mine. do you have any chicken wire set up??

RiP ThE BoNgpast grow they-show-pistils-t40362.html

hey mate,nah no chicken wire
roo,s and rabbits were a problem when they were young
all good now but :grin:

few more


Damn nice plot :D

Grow it, smoke it!

cheers bro :D

ooh like some local stuff.. keep it up mate :) if i see them round ill give them a hug and some water :D

Smiley's Summer mixed bag - post501183.html
Outdoor randoms - my-first-outdoor-grow-t40736-210.html

onya cobba, good too see the WA sunlight put to good use.................. :stoned:

Its a "Supply & Demand" thing!!!! I love to supply my own demand!!!! ooohh yeahh

yeah theres plenty of it here at the moment,sun that is...
would lv a bit of rain but

not sure of my strains,but theres a few sativas there,witch lv the long hot summers over here
most of my pips,came from the nimbin area,
be intresting to see how they finish over here
:grin: :grin: :grin:

Great location, and very nice sized plants Ozzy :Yum Keep them ladies hydrated :reefer

Welcome to PS aswell :bong1:


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