i have about 3 2 litters full of rain water ive heard that rainwater has nitrogen in it is this true or am i ruinig my plants

rain water is good just make sure you dont get A LOT of water on it and after it rains kinda shake the plant you dont want the water getting in your bud can lead to rotting

oo and also if you ever need to give your plant water make sure its distiled or bottelled water cuz your city or water company might put alot of stuff in the water

u can use water from the pipes if u use the cold pipes and let it sit for a while, doesnt make much of a diff

yea pipe water is fine but rain water id say would b the best

I have a nice size pond in me garden would that be better to use the water rather than outa me taps?

ya it would unless you spray your grass with with chemicals somtimes it can wash into the pond but ya that would work

thad b good water m8

Cool ill check that out see if me girls love it:)

fillabong no we use just the goodness from the earth and rain on our lawn :lol:

lol ok have fun dude


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