Whats up everyone! This is my first post since joining, so far this seems to be a really helpful place and its cool to just be around all those who like to kick it..u feel me?
I will be a first time grower this coming season, finally able to grow!
I live in Northern Ohio, so I was wondering which strains (Sativa preferrably) have the best yield and are good for my climate? I have PLENTY of room to grow. I live in a very small town and my house is the only one on the street with a small woods off of my backyard that only I go into, with a small river, (not technically my property either!) its pretty much paradise! So I plan to grow a lot, (Atleast 5-10 plants)
Any suggestions or comments are welcome, and if you can, give me an idea of how much in ounces I can expect to yield. Thanks


Hey there ATwan20 welcome to planet skunk.
Lookin to grow some outdoor next spring.

I would try to get my plants started indoors in late april then move them out mid to late may or 1st of june. Gives them a good head start.
And if your lookin for sativa try the Durban, Mexician Sativa or maybe the Swazi.
I would not even guess on what a yield could be for you cuz thier are to many variables in growing and experiance.

look for any strain that has a fast flowering time AK 47 is pretty fast but you guys got alot of a growing season then i do i guess you guy have a good 120 to 150 day grow season.... i got about a 90 here.... so ya

No doubt, I have been checking out some strains and I have plenty of time to decide and get it all set up so I appreciate it. As long as I can get enough to smoke (and share with my friends, u know how it goes) until the next season, I will be happy.


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