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im going into my 4th week into flowering and all the white hairs on top have partially turned orange/red on the top wen will i kno its ready for harvest?

I know I'll probally get critized for saying this but if you dont have a jeweler's loupe harvest from early to mid October. Hairs have little to do with determining ripeness. Zigzag.

Forgot to add, this is pertaining to the northern hemisphere.

Hi Zigzag, you could always just break some off and try it to see the effects, but at 4 weeks, i cant imagine it being ready. :grin:
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I know you must be joking I told him not 4 weeks but my method of harvest only lol.
greenthumbs wrote:Hi Zigzag, you could always just break some off and try it to see the effects, but at 4 weeks, i cant imagine it being ready. :grin:

what strain is it? Has it been sprayed with anything? has there been a lot of heat?

Orange hairs usually mean nothing-- many strains have orange hairs well before harvest.. and sprays, heat, stress etc... can cause them to turn too...

just watch the # of actual flowering days according to the strains needs, and start checking the trichome crystals a few days ahead of time.... them emergency flush em!

Emergency Flush for Harvest
emergency-flushing-for-harvest-t21899.html" "

Harvesting, drying & curing
harvesting-drying-curing-101-t29259.html" "
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Going by the hairs is misleading bigb, here's a shot of two females at 7weeks. Both these had brown hairs at 5 weeks and then they turned various shades until now. The only way I can tell by hairs is (1)when the white hairs on females are a sign of mating time for my males, haha. I dont need seeds for a couple of years and I have a sensi crop this year.

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