i was wondering if its too late to plant some seeds for a winter crop or am i too late?
Also is it even worth it, yield wise?

can some one give me an answer i cant seem to find it anywhere.

Well it would depend on where you live, if your in a northern climate its pretty much a no go from here. But If your in a southern warmer climate it might work out for you, the thing is we need a bit more information to help you out with an answer other than "is it too late"

pics of the plant that is like this got 12 out of 21 plants. is there any thing i can do to heal my plant. need info.

my pic mj 069.jpg
my pic mj 066.jpg

Never2 - ya need to think abt what yr weather will be like in 3 months. I had a winter grow last year- But even in southern cali it was kinda a pain- had to keep movin the plant around (obviously it was a container grow) to shield it from rainy weather. If your night time temps wont go below 50 and your in an area with pretty good weather still ahead...- go for it... .If not, think abt goin indoors....

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