Hey! follow me to the Hybrid garden 8)

I'm back as promised and i thought i'd update ya'll. if a mod feels this belongs in the breeding thread, or anywhere else please feel free to move it :-) .


Soil: scott's potting mix + perlite + charcoal + peat moss( very little)

5 gallon pots.

400W MH/HPS + 175W (2700K) CFLs on 24/24


FoxFarm's Tiger bloom, Big Bloom + Beastie Bloomz + bushdoctor sledgehammer

Fish Emulsion (5-1-1) instead of Foxfarm's Grow Big (secret concoction :twisted: )

Temps: 70-75 daytime, 55-60 nights (working on it)


dutch passion's blueberry and paradise seeds' Sweet purple.


Females (mothers): Blueberry

Male (Father): Sweet Purple (finished outdoors)

Offspring: 30+ seeds from Two Blueberry mothers


Tall, no deep color change while flowering. she was a very (and i stress very) vigorous grower during the vegitative stage. yeilded 2.3 Ounces on 70W HPS + 330W of flouro!

smoke:stoned...played a lot of XBOX,some how she didn't have the blueberry taste, but she made it up in potency :wink:


Short. slow initial growth rate, but carbonated water + foliar feeding helped a lot. she had measurable color change especially since she was finishing in the fall temps. she yeilded 1.2 ounces (all she had was 3 gal pot....i'm never making that mistake again) from the same flouro/HPS setup mentioned above for Mother ONE.

smoke: creeper high, she became more tastier as she cured, and not to mention the bag apeal


I have 5 plants going right now sowed on the 8th of FEB: 1 Sweet purple, 2 BLBXSw.P from mother ONE(Tall), 2 BLBXSw.P from Mother TWO(Short).

Growth is uniform apart from one late sprout from the Tall mother. I have purple coloration on the young leaves even at this young age!! i don't know if it's the temps or the Strain. i bought a heater fan and now the temps are better....yeah even with all that light my temps were falling way too low at night.

damn!! still can't post any pics... :(

BlazeUp wrote:damn!! still can't post any pics... :(
i feal u on posting pics.sounds great blaze iam in for the ride.i hane a couple of blueberrys going at the moment.good luck fellow grower

Sounds good can't wait for pics of this.

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sounds good evil. this will be your second BLB grow right?
I'm mainly shooting for these pheno's:

1. Taste (which both strains have)
2. Potency (from the BLB)
3. Bag appeal (sweet purp.)
4. Mold resistance (sweet purp.)

I'm growing one pure Sweet purple to back-cross the F1s to. In-breeding the F1s from this point without back-crossing to either a BLB or Sw. Purp first would create genetic problems down the line ("variety is the spice of life"). eventually the F2s will be crossed with a stabilized Northern Lights X Hawaii strain I just got from a friend, but i'm getting ahead of myself here :oops:

Wondabread: thx....can't wait either. their feeding starts tonight @ 1/4 strength.... :bounce

first run with the blueberrys blaze. def will be eyeing this 1.pics should be up and working 2morrow sometime i hope

evilweeddog2 wrote:first run with the blueberrys blaze.

*puts the bong down* :oops:

BlazeUp wrote:
evilweeddog2 wrote:first run with the blueberrys blaze.

*puts the bong down* :oops:
yea i took 2 clones off each 1. still no roots been about 10 days or so,but iam seeing primo root stubs showing on top so i guess they are taking there time

here we go...

BLB X SW. Purple
Sweet purple
BLB X SW. purple
BB X SW.Purple

i love the medium....nice

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