hey pr try this... id hate to see you have to chop off some your baby


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I would super crop and then tie the girl down. Not the best option, but certainly better then topping. If you are concerned about the bend shading out the lower plant, a daily 1/4 turn of the container should help light distribution.

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If it was me i would cut the center one down to even with all the side branches that are coming up. I would put some rooting hormone on it to thats a pretty plant you got there. that top would make a nice mother for some clones for next time around.

Don't cut it what ever ya do there are other ways first.
Some late LST by taking the top with a string and tying it down a bit.
U can snap or crush the stem and let it hang but still grow.

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You could always boost your smaller plants up... if your unwilling to lst or supercrop your larger girl - simple fix without distorting any of the plants

PR if you do decide to LST, which I highly recomend, do it at night or when they are sleep. At this time the stem is more flexible. Also you can stop the water pumps for that night and do it about 2 hrs before the lights come on. Remember to cut the water pumps back on before the lights come on.

if it were mine i'd knuckle it. take it at the level u want it to bend over and twist the main stem (looks like to me that fatty) to the right and then left till u hear the POP then bend her over. if she's growing so fast it will recover in no time and prolly produce a crap load of side shoots and make tons of nuggets!

in fact after looking closer to the pic u could do it to all the ones that u think will be headed strait for desaster. the plant will be fine if u get er soon... like today. lmao.


there is a time and a place for it... this is that time and that place.

i would not cut these at all if they are already budding, it will slow them down by a week or two for the harvest. i only top my plants when they r in veg. bend that sucker half way down the stem and tie er off and leave the bondage on for a week at the least. if you have some annoying fans interruptin lower bud lighting clip those too. no more than a third of the plant at a time though. enjoy the harvest

ah good work!

time to celebrate! :bong1:

there is a time and a place for it... this is that time and that place.

perfect! enjoy the harvest u got some nice looking girls there


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