Hey guys, I took a lady down today so heres a pic. There is many more to come, happy days


Heres some hash I made with the trim from this batch. Also Im gonna chop the other plants soon so more pictures will be up shortly =)

Picture 014.jpg

hehe nice presentation box for the hash.. looks the goods.. tried any yet? if so whats she like?

Smiley's Summer mixed bag - post501183.html
Outdoor randoms - my-first-outdoor-grow-t40736-210.html

Yeah the bud is very fragnent and tastes great! The only thing is is those damn green seed shells, if you get even one of them in a bowl you can taste it =(. Basically if it didnt have seeds it would be all around amazing. But its all good, its better then no bud lol The hash is amazing, if anybody needs new bags check out Bubblebagdude.com. The bags are thick and well made, and they are only 50 bucks! And the shipping is faster than the speed of light lol

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