Hey, thought I'd share some pics of my grow. Here they are 24 days old, 9 days into 12/12. So far the front 2 are female and the back one is yet to show, although I think I see a small pistil on it...so I'm keepin my fingers crossed. Anyways, thanks for checkin out my thread, will update with more pics as they mature. Wish me luck :P


Good luck :grin:

Hey plants look healthy,my plants are at about the same stage as yours,,so will be interested to see how they compare,

good luck.


Plants are looking good. Any particular strain or is it bagseed?? Good luck on the grow.

First Grow http://www.marijuanagrowing.eu/first-timer-bagseed-grow-t34043.html

New Bagseed Grow http://www.marijuanagrowing.eu/cobra420-s-bagseed-grow-t36017.html

I don't know where I'm going
But I know where I've been
I went from having a little to having a lot
I went from buying weed to growing pot

Hey man. Get sum bigger Cfls m8....envirolights were recommended to me and for good reason....they work...if u wanna increase ur growth/yield go bigger on light man.....all the best dude :reefer

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately, 1 of my fems hermied on me and the other plant turned out to be a male, so I was only left with one female, but no worries, I haven't smoked in 3 months because I'm trying to find an internship so what little I do yield this time around should last me quite awhile as my tolerance is probably extremely low. I do have more lights in my box lol, 11 to be exact, not just the one in my first pic so don't think I'm doing it half assed. My plant just started its 6th week of flowering, its bagseed, but looking very good, I'm looking forward to harvest, I figure I'll harvest around 1/2oz to an oz of dried bud (I wasn't going for a big yield this time), good enough for me being that I am no longer a pothead, should last me awhile cuz I'm not going to be smoking more than once or twice a week from here on out. Anyways, enough rambling, here's a couple pics.


looking good bro. whats the watts u have total?

Aye, looking good for bagseed - hopefully will plump up over the next few weeks :grin:

nice and short,plus the buds looks solid,me likes :Yum

Iam just the guy who waters them.Great Genectics, Foxfarm nutes,and Promix bx do all the work.keep the level high

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