hey guys
thought id share these pictures as i think the plants (white widdow X afghan) are coming along very nicely. although the pics arent the best...i will get a better camera...you get the idea. i would approximate that 10% of the hairs have turned brown...so i would think i have at least 2 weeks left.

i posted about three weeks ago about my plants turning yellow, but i was able to correct that with increased fert. see the old thread...

bud growth is coming along nicely and in about 1 week i will stop with fertilizing to wash them out.
i will continue posting on this thread until i harvest and of course i will post final weight and some pictures of the harvest.

oh and, if anyone has any suggestions for improvements (see details in last thread) please let me know...

ill keep you posted.

Flowering - 26 weeks4.jpg
Flowering - 26 weeks3.jpg
Flowering - 26 weeks2.jpg
Flowering - 26 weeks1.jpg
Flowering - 26 weeks.jpg
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some more...

Flowering - 26 weeks9.jpg
Flowering - 26 weeks8.jpg
Flowering - 26 weeks7.jpg
Flowering - 26 weeks6.jpg
Flowering - 26 weeks5.jpg
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Very nice plants but people using the hairs as an indicator of time left till harvest has got to stop!!! You need to get yourself a loupe and check the trichs, there are loads of threads on here on this subject with loads of information and pics.also dont do a 2 week flush do an emergency flush this way your plants are getting the benefit of nutes right up untill the day you cut them down,this i am not going to explain as there is brilliant tute on here about this also i think it is by lady zandra do a search on both of these.I think by your pictures you have a little longer left than you think but you will find this out when you get your loupe and have read the tutes. :reefer

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Very nice plants you have there. :Yum :Yum :Yum

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:Yum Very nice looking, glad u were able to save em. I agree, read the the tuts they are great, one I found helpful how-to-tell-when-to-harvest-t6774.html be sure to update when you harvest



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