Here is my bag seed grow. Its 7 6' tall ladies that are almost 5 weeks into flowering.

SLR 294.jpg
SLR 290.jpg
SLR 288.jpg
lower bud
SLR 284.jpg
SLR 283.jpg
baby spiders...

and lastly...

any comments or questions are welcome...

SLR 303.jpg

Yea.. those spiders are probably not the best thing for your plants, might want to get some pestisides for your little girls and quick so you can still give them a good flush b4 harvest~

I have removed most of them. I am at a loss on how two remove them. I have chemical sensitivity and can't eat food grown with pesticides ( I now grow everything I put into my body). I have sticky traps all around the base and all over the room. There is a wolf spider problem in the room. I will try to get a picture of the wolf spiders in there but their numbers are quickly diminishing due to the traps.


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