Been getting these brown spots on my leaves and im not sure what they are any help would be great and TY.....Useing FF O/F Soil and comlete line of FF nutes and bud candy in weeks 1-6 of flowering and keeping my PH between 6.2 and 6.5.....Thanks again!


your leaves look really dark and the spots seem to be from the veins.. i would say too much Nitrogen and a cal/mag deficiency..
but i could be wrong :D

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It looks like you've gotten Gold Spot Fungus---
get some 3-in-1 fungicide and spray em down (lights off) then NEVER spray with ANYTHING just before lights are gonna be off more than 1-2 hours!!! You want em dry when the lights come on-- but NEVER sitting 3-12 hours in the dark with wet leaves! Also-- more airflow can help too.

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I'm going to say that's a phosphorus deficiency... I get that every time I 12/12 from sprout. Sometimes, along with this symptom, my leaves turn a darker green/almost blue. They also start to feel thick and dry like thick grade typing paper.. Even if you fix the deficiency, unfortunately, the damage will remain.. It just won't continue to progress, but your plant should finish fine..... :weeed_bear: Try going up a bit on the phosphorus feed... :weed:

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Hey V i noticed you said in seedlings. This doesn't happen so much in clones?

No, I didn't say in seedlings... I said I get a phosphorus deficiency every time I 12/12 from sprout, and this is what it looks like.. And yes, it can happen with clones, too..

O.L. Johnson once said, "It is best to be thought of as a dickhead, than to speak up and remove all doubt."

ok thank you V. thank you. im glad you clarified cuz my question could have been interpreted in different ways. i was thinking in terms of when the plant gets larger and has several fan leaves. Which plant tends to be worse off with this kind of problem the sprout or the clone? or have not really you noticed a difference between the two?

This has been happening ever since I start this strain(headband)from seed(over a year ago)been cloning off it with no problems,it starts when I put them in 12/ really doesn`t seem to effect anything that I can see but was just curious what it might be.

and 2 thumbs up for the heanband strain.....thanks!!


comparing this picture to others id say this is NOT phosphorus deficiency
could be cal deficiency.Or even a fungal attack as LZ said
you say your soil is 6.2-6.5 surely it doesnt fluctuate that much?? Better aiming for 6.5 to 7.

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The ph 6.2 to 6.5 was for my water.


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