Hey, can anyone help me what to do if high edges of leaves turning brown, and the lower leaves turning yellow and drop? i have a single plant and is almost 2 months old (she's growing ok?),i start using a fertilizer with NPK 7-3-5 one month ago watering the plant once a 1 week, the light is a 40W fluorescent bulb 7 inches from plant, ventilation - a 12V cooler attached on top but it's working at 7V i think(very slow) , and my soil is a 6.5ph and it is not mixed with perlite...Thank you!


I'm a novice myself, so only consider the following for the cause of your problem. Now bear with me because I believe it's a combination of factors that's causing your browning edges. 1. The heighth and starkness of your plant suggests that you're light source has been to far away. 2. If the plant is close to 2months in age but you started a feeding schedule a month ago, you started slightly too soon. The amount of nutes in your soil may be to much. 3. If you've been feeding with your watering schedule, the ratio of nutes in your soil is more than likely extremely disproportionate due to the demands from that size of a plant. In other words, that plant requires very little feeding right now. 4. I've noticed over the years that spindlely and stretched plants are more prone to problems and are very sensitive to nute imbalances. Must have something to do with large stems and little foilage. idk. 5. Perlite not only retains water, but adds aeration. Doesn't sound like your going overboard on the watering ("once a 1 week") but if your soil has poor or no drainage, you may have root rot beginning to take hold.

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When you say "40W fluorescent bulb", do you mean CFL? And if so, is that "actual watts", or is that "equivalent watts", making it actually a 13 watt bulb?

The reason I ask is because that plant is spindly. If you had a 40 watt CFL (150+ "equivalent watts"), that plant would be doing better.

Your next problem is that if you put the right amount of light in there with your plant, you'll burn it to death. One little 12v fan operating on 7 volts is no where near enough to vent the heat from the light. And that looks like aluminum foil, which is not a "Planet Skunk" approved reflective material because it causes hot spots. So if you up the wattage, you'll burn the plant to death even faster.

Your next problem is only watering once per week, and not having any perlite (or vermiculite) in the soil. Watering should be 2 or 3 times per week, depending upon soil and container. Watering is done when the top 2 inches of soil in the container is dry. How dry is the soil when you water, and do you have drain holes in the container?

Your next problem is that you only have one plant, and I'm assuming that you don't know what sex it is. Call it a 50/50 chance that it's a male, and if it is, your growing compost.

Now, on to your original question: The tips are burning probably from the heat inside. And you don't even have enough light to begin with. I think that you need to start over with a new grow setup.

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ah I understood why the plant is spindly, the "40W fluorescent bulb" is a energy saving light and I think it is a 40 equivalent watts. I changed the cover in some white sleek paper (is that ok for reflecting light?), thanks for the advice for nutes too, after all I think i'll start with a new setup more confident, thanks for the comments

anyway do you think I can save this plant if I replace the setup in a short time? I put a lot of hope in her being a female :)

I'm a little concerned about the spots on the leaves on; I think the 3rd pix - looks like possibly bugs. I'd check out the undersides with a mag glass or scope. Definitely need more light to be productive.

I've never used paper for reflectivity, but if I did, I'd use plain computer paper...not glossy. For my setup, I use flat white primer paint, and computer paper seems like it would be a decent replacement.

For lights, this is what you need:

Vegetative Phase: 6500K temp "Daylight" 100w equivalent CFLs that put out about 1600 Lumens. You'll need 1 for a seedling, and at least 3 for a full size plant.

Flowering Phase: 2700K temp "Soft White" 100w equivalent CFLs that put out about 1600 Lumens. You'll need at least 3, and 5 is way better.

You can also buy the large 40-60 "actual" watt CFLs (150-200 "equivalent" watts). You're looking for roughly 5000 Lumens per plant AT A MINIMUM (and I can't stress the "minimum" part enough), so when you're looking for bulbs, shop for "lumens".

You can keep that plant, but what I would do is cut the top and clone it and start over with that plant. That's just my opinion, but that thing is going to keep on getting taller, and you might have some space issues. If that thing goes all the way to harvest, you might end up with a 5 foot tall plant that only produces 50 grams.

And I agree with what B-n-S said about the white dots. I missed that when I looked at the pics. Good eye, Buds!

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I took notes on light and pests too(can I get rid of mites with an insecticide for houseplants?), i'll come with news with my 5 foot plant if that's ok :), thanks for help!

1 spindly plant with spider mites, if it does indeed have them, I think I'd burn it in a hot fire. Then read, set up your space and give yourself a chance for success with proper lighting and plan. Make sure that you thoroughly clean and bleach your area. If you see more signs of mites you may want to consider bombing.

it's an "older plant"...2 months, lifebloom?
Git another 9 40w in there...it'll die from not enough light (that's why the stretch)...i wouldn't worry about nothin' besides more light and keepin' it cool with usin' more light if i was you (then start talkin' 'bout nutes and such... :wink: )...d :P

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