(H202) hydrogen peroxide - mites

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(H202) hydrogen peroxide - mites
i read in my last issue of hightimes you can just spray on hydrogen peroxide and its good at getting rid of mites,mold,fungus and isnt harmful towards your plants as its water with an extra molecule that creates the fizzing. has anyone tried using it,

ive already sprayed some on my plants and rubbed it on either side of the leaves to try and kill the mites.

CA :stoned:
(H202) hydrogen peroxide - mites
Don't ya think you should pots these type of things BEFORE you try something new??
Unfortunately-- High Times tends to Publish Damn near anything it's contributers want them too-- without checking it's validity--
these are the same folks that Told people to use tobacco (cigarettes!!!) Soaked in water as an insecticide!!!!

Just cuz it's in high-times doesn' mean its totally right-- or totally wrong---
Peroxide (straight from the bottle) is sprayed on everything EXCEPT the plants to kill mold, fungi, mites etc...
it CAN and WILL burn plants if sprayed on them full stregnth....

Stick with what is proven to work without harming your plants!
3-in-1, NEEM, or pyrethrins.... even insecticidal soap....
No need for revenge, just sit back and wait.
Those who have hurt you will screw eventually themselves; and if you are lucky, God will let you watch!

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(H202) hydrogen peroxide - mites
thnx alot, ye i did a 1/2 strenthg dilute, and then wiped it off with just plain water... seemed to help a bit but ill try the soap and see how it goes.

thnx ca