my leaves have brown bugs under the skin of the leaf and a brown trail where the bug has been, what is the problem here, i left it out side for a while untill i could get my indoor grow room sorted out. could it be that or the soil or something?
please help my baby :)

get some Fruit & garden spray-- they are beyond 3-in-1 helping...
make SURE it says can be used on berries and up to a week of harvest... mix at the LOWEST recomended rate and lightly spray the plants --DO NOT leave em in the sunlught when you do this!
wait a couple days, and if no rain by then... gently spray them with a mist of water... let dry... THEN use the 3-in-1 before you take them back inside.
borers are not usually phased by 3-in-1 once they get into the plant-- but it will pervent new ones and other nasties... the damage is not the only concern, as many insects carry mold spores and diseases on them.. so the 3-in-1 shoudl prevent that.

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Hey Lady Z can you use number 7 powder ???

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thanks for the advise, the bugs have seemed to dye down a bit, and the new 5 leafers are looking healthy.



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