Hi all, I'm somewhat new to these forums and the growing process. I've got two clones potted in 100% organic soil mix, indoor, with 4 45 watt Fluorescent bulbs. When I bought the two clones they were healthy and about 2 weeks old, and this was on Monday of this week. Now that they have been in my room for a few days, the tips of some leaves on both plants are JUST beginning to show some yellow coloration, and one of the babies has some yellow colors on the second set of fan leaves that is just growing in.

My question to you guys is, What is the problem?? I don't use any nutes or fertilizer and I have watered the babies any time they seem dry about an inch deep.

Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Sorry I don't have any pics at the moment, when I can I will post some.

Edit: I don't think the problem is the light being too close to the babies, because I have it hanging about 6-8 inches above the girls.
Also, the temp in the room is usually between 82-89 degrees Farenheit, with about 40-50% humidity, 50 being high.

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I see a couple things wrong with your statement. I hope this helps :Yum

Flouros need to be about 3" from the tops, Your temps are kinda high, The girls like it in the 70s, your humidity is fine,and they probably could use some food right about now. You said they were 2 almost 3 week old clones so they were probably getting a good amount of nutrients before you received them. Clones are taken from a mature mother plant who has a regular feeding schedule(or should), so going from having food to not having any is pretty much starving them. That's probably why they are yellowing IMO. I don't think its lockout unless your PH is off.

What kind of Organic soil mix?

Anyone disagree please feel free to correct me.

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Thanks for the info. guys. I made a mistake in judging the age of the babies, they must have been cut just DAYS before I picked them up because they didn't have any roots coming out of the rock wool cubes. I currently just use Arrowhead bottled water for watering and the roots don't seem to be developing too strongly because the girls leaves wilt just a little bit.

You say I should feed them, does this mean nutes and fertilizer? If so what kind would you suggest?

Also, I have a fan running 24 hours in there, but not directly on the babies because they are still kind of fragile and small.

just because you are using bottled water doesnt mean that the pH is correct for you clones. Go to a pet store and buy a pH tester for aquariums.

I'm confused, do your clones have roots or no?

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When I bought the clones on Monday night they didn't have any apparent roots protruding from the rock wool. Now I have them in a small pot with the organic soil, and I can't see any roots coming out of the drainage hole at the bottom.

they probably dont have roots if it has only been 4 days. Get your pH in check, and then keep an eye out for new growth, new growth = roots. Once you see new growth, apply nutes at 1/4 -1/2 strength. Good luck and good growing!

Acts of creation are often reserved for gods and poets. Man need only to plant a seed.

Alright, I've got a pH test kit, now I just need to test my water. If it is above or below the normal amount, which I believe should be between 6.1-7.1 from what I have read here, how do I lower/raise it, respectively?

get yourself some pH up and pH down, also available at the pet store. In a pinch you can use lemon juice for pH down.

Acts of creation are often reserved for gods and poets. Man need only to plant a seed.


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