i have this one plant(strawberry cough) it seems to be the leaves and branches are growing away from the light.its about 16" away from a 400 watt hps.wanted to know if the light can cause this or is it just the strain.i currently have kali mist,and dj short blueberry under the same lights with no ill effect.
ph,temps and nutes are all fine.i just made a trellas to try and tie up the branches that were bending down.this plant was very branchy in veg but started to do this when i put it under hps 12/12 a few days ago.


That is a nute/pH problem-- not the lights...
Strawberry Cough is a touchy grow-- Watch the pH like a hawk, and cut back on her nutes just a tad.

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hello,thanks for the reply.i have never given this plant more than 1/2 strength of nutes(botanicare).i kinda figured it was a finicky plant just by looking at it.ph runoff was 6.6
i will just baby the nutes until it recovers.

Hi there, i.d try some epsom salts coz that looks like a (mg) problem. treat it with epsom salts' add 1/3 table spoon to 3 gallons of water is fine and call me in the morning. hope that helps you

but the leaves look nice and healty why mg deficiency smoker?

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twisted leaves i guss,

sorry my bad, thats young plants and simleysmoke is right there'd be yellowing of the leaves, plus they'd be curling up aswell.
but i cant think of anything else that would make the leaves twist' if thats dosen't help then flush your soil system etc, try and find another feed that has all of these n,p,k ca, mg, and s, get some epsom salts and get a small conister of micronutrients, iron, boron, chlorine, manganese, cooper, zinc, and molybdenum. hope some of this will help

it looks thirsty. what size pot is that? what is in it? what light was you vegging under? it may well be the light.

hey guys thanks for the advice.i use botanicare cal mag on a weekly nute schedule.come to find out shortly after i had written this post i raised my light another 8 inches and the next morning all the leaves were normal again.


hello bb,the plant is 27" tall.the pot is a 3 gallon with pro mix hp.the veg light was a 400 watt t-5 8 bulb.


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