For a few weeks now ive noticed that on about 3 of 10 plants have super tiny white bugs that move when put my finger close to them. I dont think that there aphids because theres not many of them and the problem doesnt seem to be getting much worse. I checked under all the leaves and didnt see any. Now on 1 or 2 of my plants I am starting to notice little grey spots on the leaves. There not round but there about this big "0" It seems as if those little fuckers are eating my leaves. I have been trying to kill all of them manually be sqeezing them into my leafs smashing them. It doesnt really seem to be a problem cause theres not very many at all. But they are very tiny and almost a grayish white color. So small it looks like a tiny gray dot move slowly when i put my finge rnear it. Im wadering if this can cause potential damage in the future or near future.

Doesnt sound good. Ive been lucky enough to avoid any critter problems in any of my grows, but if you check the beginners forum I believe the FAQs sticky has a section on pesticides for your plants. Btw, are you still vegging or are you in flower?

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Can you post a pic of the critters?


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