root rot

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root rot

pure blend pro 27.5L/Gal
liquid Karma 10L/Gal
calmag 5L/Gal
hydroguard 12.5L/Gal

Hygrozyme dir on bottle dil by 1/3
Nitrozyme dir on bottle dil by 1/3
sensizyme dir on bottle dil by 1/3

natural Ph down
beneficial micro orgs

temp 78-85F
hum 26-38%
PH ~6.0
PPM >1990!!!

Running aero setup with some AK47 and some hawaian. AKs are almost dead!

root rot?! I changed the timing sched to 1min on 4min off. My roots are slimy and brown

looking. all the AK have seriously wilted.. My hawaian looks ok except the

lower leaves are turning yellow.I'm not sure if bot care stains the roots?? These are baby cuttings Also been foliar feeding with very dilute bot care mixture and some neem oil. My PPM reader registers up to 1990 and its off the scale reading PPM in my tank right now.

Can I stop root rot at this stage?
what to get?
the high ppm doesn't seem to be burning the plants it seems to be coming from the root rot

Should I srub/change my tank?
Going to try Diluting tank 10 gal and flushing with organocide

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root rot
so I flushed w H202 and have changed my timing interval and got some oxygen bubblers in my water supply. She has perked up but her roots are still slimy and not developing very fast. I also am using hydroguard and hygrozyme but damn if root rot aint a pesky bitch. any suggestions? time interval is 60sec on 15 min off
root rot
Once ya got it, is hard to kill--- keep changing the rez... and DON'T use so many things at once! many products contain some of the same elements , so can be overkill-- PLUS... ANY hydro is supposed to have oxygenated water-- a bubbler in the rez On HIGH is a must! Doesn't hurt to stop the hyddrogard and hygrozyme and add a bit of h2o2 to the rez every other day for about a week--- h202 turns to plain old water after it is exposed to the air for about 24-32 hours.... oxygen kills water-bourne molds and algae, and keeping the airpumpg going and the h202 should do it..... and make SURE there isn't a lot of light entering the rez (thru rez-fill openings etc...)

Good Luck!!!!!
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