Water droplets on leaves

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Water droplets on leaves
Hi all,this is the first time this has happened,plants in first week of 12/12 indoor grow and this morning when i looked in on my ladies there was water droplets on leaves but not from condensation and they looked a little droopy!PLEASE HELP :(
Water droplets on leaves
Sounds like they are aspirating (losing water)
Spray with a fine mist of water, or even a VERY low dose of nutes or foliar suppliments like Nitrozyme, Green fuse, liquid Karma etc....
(move lights WAY up or turn them off for an hour while they dry!)
Make sure they are being watered/fed correctly and that the humidity in the room is not too low.

Good Luck!
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Water droplets on leaves
Thank you for quick reply Lady Zandra,and as always great advice! :)