white tips on leaves

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white tips on leaves
i am growing in a tent for the first time and using auto pot system plants are doing realy well but i noticed this morning that the tips on the end of some of the leaves are turning white everything else is fine it is only the very end of the tip that is pure white can anyone help please
white tips on leaves
You may just be feeding them too strong a mix.
Do you use a ppm/ec meter when mixing your nutes ? If so, what is the reading of your mixed feed ?

Usually when your nutes are too strong the tips are the first place it will show, if you continue with too strong a mix this will get worse and the plants may loose alot of its larger leaves.

You don't need to have a real strong nute mix with auto-pots as they are an on-demand system.
white tips on leaves
thanks for reply i had a feeling it was something like this i only have a p h meter and its constant on 6.5 as yet they have only had a very weakfeed of canna a and b it said i only need 5ml of this in my res but i have only put a quarter of this amount in,and to be honest none of this has gone in the system yet.i think the problem may be in my grow medium,i put clay pebbles in the bottom of each pot and mixed a little pearlite and vermicular in with miracle grow compact compost,its realy good stuff just like coco,but it has got nutes in it to last three month, perhaps these are too strong?can you recomend anything for testing nutes and minerals? i am new to this type of growing all my previous grows have been done in outside shed with not a bad success rate,plants only got waterd now and then and didnt bother with checking ph or nutes too much in fact they hardly got any feed,but i can see the difference in these lovely plants already,i will post some pics its amazing the difference of the two different methods,do you think i should just give them a watering with nothing added before they take it from res with nutes in,and also does anyone think that i should run some air in these autopots i cant see how the roots get any air circulation in these systems because maily the water is stopping the air getting in regards allan
not enough light
not enough light
white tips on leaves
Auto pots are really designed to be used with an inert medium (one with no nutritional value)
Most people use straight perlite or a mix of perlite/vermiculite. Others use straight coco or coco cut with per/ver with good results.
This way you control what they eat and how strong the feeds are.You mix your res and the plants and gravity do the rest.
For EC of nute mix I use the Blue Lab truncheon.
In an inert medium, the ph for your nutes should be in the 5.5-6.2 range.