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Some huckleberry @ 27 days into flower. No rookies here.

I'll post them there from now on. Should I include my 2 dogs and ice 2000 sign? :)

^^^^^^ hehehehehe

Man whats your light bill look like?

over $350USD per month. Then there's the veg. garden... The shit adds up fast!

Thas some sweet shiznay right there. Thats some mad crazy hps lighting too! dankness hf

Bicycle Day | April 19, 1943

If you all pick up a copy of The Marijuana Horticulture The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible by Jorge Cervantez, he talks about how much the Afgooey Strain has grown on him. It even shows pictures in the book of some Afgooey plants, when grown correctly, and raised in the spring and then harvested late summer have produced as much as seven (7) pounds. Yes... I said SEVEN POUNDS, NOT OUNCES. There is something to fine tuning how you grow your plants and what you do to take care or of them. Don't get me wrong, two pounds is an awesome yield off of one plant, buy how happy would you be if you got seven lbs. Anyway, his plants were started in a green house. and all the prper care was taken to ensure they were perfect. Check out the book. It's got all kind of helpful tips and who doesn't want a 7 lb. afgooey plant.

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