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can someone tell me a seed company that i can order from to be shipped to united states. who are discreet. is GreenHouse Seed Co. a honest seed broker.

Top of the page. Seedbank link. :big14
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I've been buying from the above seed bank for several years and the delivery ratio is around 60%. Not very good unfortunately.

Unfortunately that's :/ Why would you keep buying seeds if you never received them? :lmao Post up your order numbers and lets see? We will check them for you. Oh, that's right, you don't have any.

No one would buy seeds for years from the same place and then make 1 post saying they only got 60% of their orders. :snicker:

We have around a 95%+ success rate most months. It also depends on what country you're in. If you live in the US then it's pretty much 100% success rate. Almost everyone gets their orders in that country. Countries like Australian and New Zealand, that would be around 90-95% success rate.
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Not good customer relations to rudely criticize a customer who makes a legitimate comment. That is :/ Order Number: 213028-11152012 is the last order I made using the last username I used. There have been several orders over the years made with different usernames that were not delivered to a safe mailing address. I accept that there is risk when buying online especially when there's no avenues of complaint. Why did I continue to order when some orders failed to arrive? Because until recently I wasn't aware of any other site to order from and have mailed to Australia. Many seed companies won't mail to countries that have laws prohibiting that activity. I had been ordering from Marc Emery for several years until the FBI targeted him. I advised admin that my last order failed to be delivered and I got no response. As for the previous orders over the years, I'd have to search through email accounts to find them. I'm not a rival seed bank trying to give a bad review, just a smoker and grower.

No one would buy seeds for years from the same place and then make 1 post saying they only got 60% of their orders. We question anyone that makes outrageous claims like that without even contacting us. There is a phone number and an email address in the seed bank. Most people would make contact if they had a problem and so would I. That's what our email and phone number is for. So customers can contact us.

If you ordered 10 times from some place and only got 6 of those orders you would keep buying more? I wouldn't. If a customer told us that, we would advise them not to order anymore seeds for their own safety. Still sounds fishy to me. :roll:

That is a valid order number, one order number, and it was sent 27-11-12. As far as I know all went well with that order and we have received no emails or phone calls about it not arriving, but that doesn't mean you didn't email us, sometimes they can get caught in spam filters and what not. I would suggest you either email or call the shop with your order details as they may be able to help.

As for any other orders you may or may not have made, I have no idea. In this business the customer is always wrong, most of the time. Welcome to the digital age. :wink-big:
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Don't sell weed. Pharmaceutical, Alcohol and Tobacco companies hate competition.

I emailed you on 19/12/2012 saying that I was disappointed my order didn't arrive and received no reply. I have emailed you every other time orders failed to appear. Until two days ago I've only searched your seed bank and never loged into this page to comment. As far as telephones go I don't trust them and hardly use them. I have not continually ordered when the orders failed to arrive as you seem to think. On at least one occasion I've made orders 2-3 days apart and the latter arrived whereas the previous didn't. My mailbox is padlocked which eliminates theft from the box. If it was the mailman taking my orders then why not take them all?

Here are some other orders that didn't arrive at a previous padlocked mailbox I used before changing to a new address. I've altered my email address for privacy reasons.

> Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 15:04:00 +0000
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: PlanetSkunk Seeds
> 16050 was sent 28-09-11. You should have that by now.
> 16354 was sent 29-11-11 . That address you are using may not be safe for
> seeds anymore.
> On 21/12/2011 00:45, Sxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I have not received this order. It has been over 3 weeks since shipment
> > and far longer than other orders that have arrived successfully. Also I
> > have as yet not received order 16050 that was shipped 28-9-2011. There
> > seems to be a problem shipping to my area. Have you had any other
> > reports of lost orders to Australia?
> >

Here is another email I've found where I've contacted you about lost orders. Again I've altered my email account so it's not visible to a 3rd party.

I have not as yet received this order which was shipped before my other order (16047) that I received over a week ago.

> Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:57:40 +0100
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: PlanetSkunk Seeds
> Your order has been shipped.
> Thanks,
> PlanetSkunk
> On 27/09/2011 09:17, xxxxxxxx wrote:
> > $96 deposited today at xxxxxxxx NSW branch.
> >
> > > Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 02:25:22 -0100
> > > To:
> > > Subject: PlanetSkunk Seeds
> > > From:
> > >
> > > PlanetSkunk
> > > ------------------------------------------------------
> > > Order Number: 16050
> > > Detailed Invoice:
> > ... r_id=16050
> > > Date Ordered: Saturday 24 September, 2011
> > >
> > > Products
> > > ------------------------------------------------------
> > > 1 x EARLY SKUNK (Sativa) = $46 AUD
> > > 1 x Power Plant (Sativa X) = $49 AUD
> > > ------------------------------------------------------
> > > Total: $96 AUD
> > >

I'm not going to retrieve any more emails as I'm not after a refund or replacement seeds. I'm simply backing my comment that not all orders arrive. My comment of 60% delivery may not be entirely accurate as I took a guess and 66% may be more accurate. Also, I'm not blaming you personally for missing orders. The problem could be customs in Australia or similar authority at your end or something else, none the less they went missing and the fact is, as I've said, there is a degree of risk when ordering this type of product online. 66% may not be good but at least I got some quality seed.

Hmm, both of those orders are indeed marked as MIA here which means you did contact us about those orders. You're not having much luck. It's definitely customs in your county and not some thief robbing your mail box, assuming you are the only person with access to it and it's not a friend's address.

You should email or call the shop to arrange replacements to a new address if possible. We change our mail package about every 6 months or as needed, so you should have no problems this time.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Don't sell weed. Pharmaceutical, Alcohol and Tobacco companies hate competition.

Besides--- Why come in here only NOW to post this AFTER it is posted all over the site that this board is for GROWING and does not deal with orders????

Is this the same guy I just posted about on 2 other sites who was saying the same things- so decided to come here and do the same???

READ the board rules-- this is a site for GROWING issues-- not postage/buying issues-- deal DIRECTLY with the seedbank VIA their link AT the site...

We have ordered over 17 times- only 1 got lost in 6 years, and that was at a time when MUCH of our neighbors packages/cards were going missing...

If you want to slam/slander the seedbank- do it elsewhere.
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That's right LZ, just about anyone else would email or call the shop but he has a phone phobia :wink: You can delete this crap is it's annoying you or cluttering up the forums.

That troll/spammer you must have seen is just someone from another Australian weed forum I hear, that is sponsored by other seed banks or some crap. They must want to competed or something, pretty hard to do with an oz bank account and 10 years behind us. Here, have our worst customers anyway. :snicker:

It's all free advertising the way I see it because it brings people here to see what all the hoha is about or whatever and they see our forums and all our members and posts full of just about anything you could ever want to know about marijuana and hehehheheh. Enough said. :hail:

Australia is only tiny seed market anyway. We only deal with them because we are Australian and that's about it. That place is more trouble than it's worth really, but someone has to look after the dopey bastards. :snicker:
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Don't sell weed. Pharmaceutical, Alcohol and Tobacco companies hate competition.


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