Chronic vs. Lui(legends ultimate indica

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Which strain do you guys think is better when it comes to yield and potency?

Chronic vs. Lui(legends ultimate indica

Chronic you will most likely get a bigger yeild. With LUI you should get more potent buds. I have not grown either but thats just info I've gatherd along the ways.

legends ultimate indica?

never heard of it.
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sir skunk hasn't had the plesure of bc..... and that shit is a monster yeild in canada they grow for yeild and lui is very poupler and very tasty yum...
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Oh, is that what it is? I don't really know anything about canada. Well I know marc emery is the president of canada and canadians like their weed and it's a really cold place with lots of snow and bears and the cops don't have any money so they have to ride horses around and wear funny hats and stuff like that. :-)

I would probably go to Canada if it wasn't so cold and seed banks were legal.
How do you live without money? The same way you do but with less money.

Actually sir, that is the most couch lockingness (is that a word?) shit I had ever smoked in my life. This shit has so much indica in it it cant help but to knock your dick in the dirt. Real, real plesent tasting stuff too, smooth as silk. Bit bubba, if your not already sitting down when you smoke that shit, fear not, you soon will be and just hope you dont miss the chair is all. Would love to see some of that for sale here.
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:lol: defintly i agree sooo good fave with bb and cough th mango is tasty too
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i have 7 lui plants growing now i will keep u updated on the progress

LUI for sure. Great stone and great plant, Steve the Breeder did an awesome job on this as he did on Sweet Tooth.
Tokin Indian!!

I would like to know if someone can tell me where to get the seeds called "Legends Ultimate Indica and is it easy to grow?

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