Does anyone know where to get g-13 seeds? There seems to be an air of mystery about this plant!

hi j the doggies nuts seed range which is ran through and pukka seeds. They have a g13 no1 theres loads off crosses out there the pukka seed company also do a g12 which is nearly the same .best thing i can say m8 is click on the link and order a catologue the prices r steap but the genetics r gr8.



Heavens Stairway sells g-13 crosses

Look under NCGA and Soma G-13 hybrids.

Ive never ordered from HS, dont know if there buisness is good like PS but the have the g-13 beens

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yea what ferengi said. We just harvested our g13 and its awesome shit. You will not get true g13 from a seed. So ask around and find some clones

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why couldn't they just flower a g13 clone and produce female seeds? that whole g13 story sounds a bit sus to me. I reckon it's a big smelly load of dingo turd.

juan moore seeds at is having G13xC99 seeds soon
should be a top crop. he did the dixie crystal my mate and he used to cross with Stonehedge

well no you dont need a male at all.fem seeds is what was stated by you need 2 clones and stress the shit out of one and turn it hermie.use that pollen to pollinate the other fem and thats how feminised seeds are made.but will the offspring stress easy and go hermie at the drop of a hat.g13 is surrounded by nev's introduction of hype back in the early seedbank days.his catalogue actually states grown commercially in the us for years.stated by nev on the g13 clone.yet others say he was the only one to get a clone from greenhouse 13 yet what nev stated contradicts all yes i believe theyre are many g13 clones out their and in seed form.but what is stated today as g13 the old commercial growers probably call something else so the g13 war will never be resolved.just my shortened version and 2 cents worth.i had black widow x g13 and it was awesome.this was from pacifics g13 clone.yet pacific claims to have two g13 phenos.well how if it was only a clone.most claimed g13 are crosses from nev back when the clone was alive.and yes it is dead.

or giberltic acid... or whatever the hell it is (GA)

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein

and with selective breeding of a g13 cross why can't they simple inbreed that until it's almost all g13, well as close as you could get to the original g13 parent, which I think would be something like 98% g13, after say 6 generations.

maybe it's unstressable and cant is a US Govt's possible ya know, really.


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