I germinated 9 days ago and the seeds have been in soil for a week. should i see results by now? I planted them about a half an inch below the surface with a heating pad and propigation dome, well ventilated and a small T5 grow light. I keep the evenly moist, also saran wrap over them. how long until they break the surface? (average time)

yeah smokey im kinda worried, my germinating process wasnt the best, my paper towel dried up after one day, I placed saran wrap around it and then they sprouted the next day 10 out of 10 I was stoked but now im just pissed. Could this effect the beans? when should i give up and start the free seeds? gotta love those freebees......

I planted all 10 (nl x big bud) in seed starter soil, 3x3x5 planters in prop dome with a heating pad under dome. Light running 24/7 I pulled one of the seeds up yesterday and it looked like they had grew a small DARK green bulge out of both sides but it didnt look healthy, im no expert by far, but the growth didnt look normal. i have 10 South African Durban poison X skunk # 1 but they were for my outdoor project and might be too big for my room. Dont really want to spend the extra money on more But i could scrog the durban? any suggestion would help.... thanks

thanks smokey, i will give it another week or so, besides i havent finished drywalling my room an that knida needs to be done first.... thx

i planted a seed awhile ago gave it 2 weeks and nothing happening so i just poked anouther hole and after the new one sprouted the other sprouted after anouther week

check this out


dont keep the soil really damp when its in the soil, a bit of moisture will be good enough as the new roots coming out need oxygen. its also easier for them to push through the soil when its lighter than damp.

would it be a good idea to dig them up and put them on jiffy pellets? my wife is planting stuff for the yard on them and they are popping left and right. not to mention shes rubbing it in my face that her 99 cent seeds are growing better than my 80 dollar ones.... or would this be the kiss of death for them?

i would take the light of them because seeds sprout in the dark. mine sprout in about 4 to 7 days so keep heatting pad and put it on a shelf or table . GL :grin:

I want to know how long should you leave the seeds to germinate. like how long would it take and should i put light on them too?

No light on them at all seeds sprout in the dark just make sure its moist. 4-7 days common but some times longer. Your problem with ur seeds is you have light on them 24/7. In nature the sun isnt up all day just 12 hours and 12 hours at night. It doesnt take much to no how to sprout a seed. But you are over welmed on starting your grow. Just follo the above ^^^^^^^^ :grin:


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