When I buy weed from dealers that weed is strong as hell. I heard that they put something into it, mabe do you how to make weed more potent?

i heard rumors, long ago about dealers spraying raid or some shit on it. just buy some potent ass seeds from PS. and grow your own!
if them dealers are lacing your weed man.. be
careful! you dont know if its poision they're putting in there, might get you high, but fuck you up in the long run for sure!.

commercial growers spray the weed with chemicals to give a heady type of buzz, like draig said,grow your own man

put some crack rocks in with it.

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or lace it with a lil coke

Diet or regular?

lol nah not good coke just the shit stuff because ive done it b4 and its gota b one of the best stones ive ever had but i would never actually do n e other drug apart from MJ because i say KEEP IT GREEN :) but with the lil lace of COCAINE jus givs at that nice extra boost

just grow a stronger strain-- and make sure ya wait until it's "ripe"... don't jump the gun on the harvest...

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apart from aduterating weed with god knows what, I've a close friend who knows of dealers placing their stuff in sealed barrels with coca cola added, spinning the barrels for a while, then removing the weed and drying in order to give the weed a sour/sweet aroma and taste...

"listen, let's get down to brass tacks here. How much for the ape?"

And what is strongest strain? Is it white widow?


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