I am going to be using the ScrOG method to grow some bud for the very first time. I wanted to know what strain was best suited for this type of growing. I'm looking for the biggest harvests of quality bud possible in a one square meter closet and a shorter one square meter veg closet.

Thanks very much

Is this ur first time growing or first time scrog?
We all look for the biggest quality bud yield.
There is a huge list thats suitable for scrog , a tiny list thats not.I would go with a more indica % for the first time.
Mazar is a nice and pretty easy.

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This is my first time growing by any method. I will be growing mothers in a seperate room so i can find the best plants and then I will use the clones in the ScrOG.

Right now I'm thinking that because ScrOG is such a "yeild booster" that I should just get some of the strongest Indica that I can. AK 47 and Blueberry both came to mind. I'd like to grow something with near 20% THC because that's the bud I can't afford to buy and the difference in seed price is minimal.

I'm looking to do my first scrog as well. I agree with you about just picking a high thc strain and letting the scrog help with the yield. Here's some strains I've been considering and from what I've researched would do well in a scrog:

Double Gum
White Skunk

Personally I think I'm going to go with Skywalker. A blueberry crossed with mazar and packing about 19.5% thc (i think). It's only real downside is its probably tougher to grow than the rest of the list. Euforia is my 2nd choice, shorter grow time with only a slightly lower thc count (18%). Heavy yielder too.

I have done nothing but scrog the last few yrs. I have done Mazar and Euforia. I thought the Mazar had the better kick of the two, and the yield was comparable. The Euforia has been known to keep ppl awake smoking it at night (me for one). It didn't have the kick as Mazar , but I was able to get things done, while still being high.

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What type of a yield can I expect using ScrOG in a 15 square foot closet from Mazar? How long away is my first harvest?


It really goes by the light and the space ya have to use. I used a 400 w and a 3' X 3' screen and two plants in a 10 gal tub and would pull in about 8 Z's in about 13 weeks.

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I would be very happy with that yield!

How did you grow that, Greentoes? Soil, hydro, soil less? Your setup sounds very much what I'd like to do. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, I'd really like a step-by-step how you do it, seed strains you use, nutes and nute schedule.

Also, is the odor not too bad with just a couple plants?

Not meaning to jack your thread, AJ. Just some questions that popped up.

Peace and Buds,
ladylovescannabis :P

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Hey Ladylov just give me a pm and I'll go over everything with ya so I don't clog up aj's thread. I have a few pics in my gallery of my grows. I use DWC.

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So if I were using (3) 3x3 screens and a butt load of CFLs what can I expect?


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