Re: 30% THC Strains?

Marijuana seeds and cannabis strains suitable for your particular application or location.

What strains are they?
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Can we see the claims or test, or who these claims were made by? Loc , I know there area few in the high 20+.
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This is what I found for God Bud.

A BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup Winner for world's best indica, the BC God Bud packs some of the most powerful aroma and flavor findable on planet earth. A popular plant among professional cash croppers, these very dense and heavy crystal coated buds, flavour and accompanying high, make for outer-body experiences. A BC Bud Depot multiple cannabis cup award winner, this is the indica that brought the cup home to Canada.
STRAIN INFORMATION : Quantity : 10 seeds with each order | Type of leaves : Indica | Recommended climate for growing : Indoor | Yield : 400 grams | Height : 60cms - 80cms| Flowering bud period: 9 - 11 weeks | Finish Harvest : End of September | Stoned or High : Steady Buzz | THC level : 15% - 20% | Grow Difficulty : medium

If my penis is 12" long. Is it a Foot?

sounds awesome but almost too good to be true....but if it is then i think i know what strain im growing next :D

Hey guys, i dont know if you live in canada or not, but THC seeds is well known in canada, and has a good reputation, they have a few videos out on growing and one of the partners of the company has been growing and involved in the decriminalization movement in canada for years.

He was busted awhile back, but of course refuses to stop growing, he has been on countless news interviews and has invited many reporters to come see his grow op and to try and push Marijuana into the mainstream media.

God bud has been around in canada for years now, but there are places where you can get it for cheaper, but i am not going to spam any seedbanks, out of respect for SS.

If you want more information about god bud and where you can get it you can PM me. take care.
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loc wrote:I really want to find a one hit wonder strain,but I think its going to be a short list of strains. :stoned:

What was the Rhino like. It's advertised as a one hit wonder.

My mate grew BC God Bud straight from the seedshop in BC - grew short dense Indica pehno under my old 400 watt HPS lamp (first one I ever bought to grow the herb) did fine for him, said it was some premium smoke but didn't rant or rave about how ridiculously potent it was...

yeah, as far as i am concerned % THC is a pretty crappy way to rate buds, since there are several other chemicals that affect how it affects your brain. I think its like a numbers game, kind of like "bench racing"
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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