I was just curious to know what strains you think are the highest yielding plants if grown correctly in a hydro set up?
What strains would grow to be the largest in size?
What would be the most amount of pounds one plant could produce?
What is the most pounds you or someone you have seen has gotten from a single plant?

i would check out the big bud strain if you want a high yielder..... from what ive heard its the best for huge yields :-D

How many pound on average could the big bud strain produce per plant?

How many pounds would you say that it is possible to get off any one plant using whatever method and how ever many lights you want?

Has anyone got any pics of what you would consider a big plant?

ive heard of big bud producing upwards of a pound a plant if done correctly....and i know any plant could get a pound and i think the point to the big bud strain is that it doesnt have to be like 7 feet tall to obtain that... i was just suggesting it, i havent grown it personally but im sure someone on PS has

Hmmm with our current clones we have produced almost 2 pound per plant but I don't know what strain it is. In Australia there is not much talk about the type of strain so nobody really knows what they have. Maybe its just the way we grow it that gives us such a good yield but I am interested in actually knowing what I am exactly growing and would like to try growing different strains so im just looking into all the different types.

Big bud tastes like cat piss when you smoke it..IMO

not the best tasting strain by any means.

If I had a knotch in my bed post for every joint I smoked......Hell I would be sleeping in saw dust !!

im sure the big bud you had wasnt cured correctly or something but either way i was saying that its a high yielder, not a smooth or tasty smoke

Any plant can give pretty good yeilds, I have always been impressed with ak47. I averaged 4oz dried from each plant under 2 600w lights.

Big bud is junk imo, the high frankley sucked. I threw the rest of the seeds in the trash.

Chronic has great yeilds, but is hit and miss. SOme have a good high... some don't.

The biggest yielding plant I have ever seen was Kali Mist, but it was grown outdoors in Costa Rica. You cant even compare indoor to outdoor imo for yields. Us indoor guys talk about oz's, lol the outdoor guys talk in lbs.

zing wrote: Us indoor guys talk about oz's, lol the outdoor guys talk in lbs.

Us indoor guys talk in pounds :-P .

We must be doing something right then considering we can get on average about 2 pound per plant indoors.

veggiegardener wrote:I'm currently playing with two indicas that are extremely potent, but terrible tasting. Extreme curing mellows the flavor, but it will be a few years before I give them another run. To get to your basic question, You're wondering what is possible in a limited area, given unlimited light, nutes and atmosphere(?).

Care to share the name of those Indica's?

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