I think the 4 bag set of screens for making hash with ice water are a fantastic idea. Bubbleman on was the first one to inform me of this method, and he is now the leading manufacturer of the "Bubblebag" style hash bag kits. They are however rather pricey due to the cost of the materials and labor involved. The cheapest I've seen are about $250 Australian. All prices I mention will be in Aust dollars. I use a cheaper method and will show you how I do it. The total cost for my kit is 50 bucks max. This is because I am lazy and impatient and won't make my own silk screen. I got one made on a frame and stretched for 35 bucks. You could save a few bucks by making your own screen.


All the trim from your harvet, wet. That's right, soon as you finish trimming, chuck all the trim, minus the big stems in a bag and put it in the freezer for 24 hours. I had about a third of the bucket full.

1 x 20 litre bucket and I also used a kitty litter tray to catch spills - the bucket was 4.50 at a bargain store andt the tray 1.50.


1 x Wooden spoon, and 1 x eggbeater. This one is from my girlfriends grandads farm. You can use a bamix, drill with a paint stirrer, or Coles sell a tiffany brand electric eggbeater for 15 bucks. BARGAIN. I found out about that after I finished. They also have this thing like a bog bamix called a "stabmixer' on the box. Sounds very violent.


2 bags of ice. I used 2 x 3.5 kilo bags. The company is called chilly billy. Seriously


A silk screen for screen printing. I got this from an artstore. It is a 43T mesh, which is pretty standard. It has hole about 150 microns in diameter. It will be the first stage screen, catch the C grade hash. I make what I call A and C grade. I would need a mid sized screen to make B grade, but I don't have one, or feel the need.


You will also need a 20 cm plant pot for the final strain, and a fine screen. Some people say they use coffee filters, but I can't get them to work. I use a 100% polyester disco shirt I bought in the 90's.

I'd find something better, but this works so well. A fine monofilament mesh of about 50 microns would be good I think. Continuing, you need some empty bottles you can fit in the fridge. I use milk bottles.


Mesh strainers - a big one and small one. Try to get the smaller one with a finer mesh.


And finally a plastic funnel and 1 x pack coffee filters (for pessing hash dry)



Take the trim out of the freezer. The trichomes seperate from the leaf matter when they freeze. THe night in the cold helps, but you don't have to do it. I didn't with this batch as I was in a hurry.

1.Put all the trim into the 20 L bucket and cover with ice to about 2/3 full. Now add the coldest water you can find. Leave a few inches from the top or you'll spill it when you stir.


2.I stir with the eggbeater for about 5 min, then mix it all up with the spoon for a bit, then I let it sit for about 10 mins. I repaeat this step over and over for a few hours, but if you have an electric mixer you could do it for say two 15 minute sessions. After the mixing you top it up with ice and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then you pull the ice out - I use barbecue tongs - and ladel the mixtue into a bucket through the large strainer. This gets rid of most plant matter. Squeeze it into the strainer to get the juice out.

3. Now pour it through the smaller strainer into bottles to go in the fridge overnight



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